SA Tourism - Sun City - Year End Gala Dinner 2017

SA Tourism - Sun City - Year End Gala Dinner 2017

SA Tourism - Year End Gala Dinner 2017 - Sun City

SA Tourism Year End Gala Dinner 2017 - Sun City

Corporate Year End functions are a great way to strengthen ties with existing employees baised all over the world, emphasise and showcase company culture and celebrate the accomplishments of a team. It’s the company event of the year and it was no different for SA Tourism.

Nestled in the North-West Province of South Africa, Sun City is the premium destination for local and international tourists alike. It is best known for showcasing the most spectacular events in South Africa and SA Tourism certainly added their name to the list.

The Theme for this year was "Simply South African".

The air was filled with excitement as an assortment of South African "Afro Jazz" music welcomed the guests. At Major Soundz, we understand that music sets the mood for a good time and so, setting the mood is what we did - from upbeat "Local House", GQOM and Hip-Hop to the favorite golden oldies and a dash of Kwaito, we also added a few musical surprises that certainly kept the guests on their feet and entertained throughout the evening.

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08 December 2017