Neil's 40th Birthday - OnPonte at Longpoint

Neil's 40th Birthday - OnPonte at Longpoint

Neil's 40th Birthday

Neil's 40th Birthday OnPonte @ Longpoint - Fourways

Neil’s 40th Birthday – A celebration straight from Hollywood…

This was not just another 40th birthday…oh no, this was THE 40th birthday celebration to top all 40th’s.

In a world where 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20, we are just grateful that good ol’ music is just that…good music.

Situated in the magnificent northern suburbs of Johannesburg, OnPonte at Longpoint was the time machine to take us all back to ‘Old Hollywood’.

From the red carpet welcome to the dining area filled with Hollywood glitz and glamour, the tunes coming from DJ Rudy decks filled the air with promises of an unforgettable evening.

And we were not disappointed, Neil made a spectacular entrance using the Mission Impossible sound track. From that point on the scene was set.

From the sounds of the best Hollywood movies, to modern day pop, R&B and dance tracks, guests danced the night away until old Hollywood, was no more.

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01 July 2017