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Partyhouse Night Club

Partyhouse Night Club JHB

Party House


DJ Rudy's Saturday Night Residency – Between 2006 and 2009


Partyhouse began with the simple idea of creating a place for people to gather in the company of friends, both new and old, and enjoy themselves. A place where the music is great, the surroundings are warm and alluring, and the atmosphere is inviting.

This “super club had three different “venues” hosted in “one club”, Main Floor, Cocktail Lounge and the Village. Each venue played specific genre namely Hip-Hop / R&B, House and Bhangra.

DJ Rudy held a residency slot from 2006 up until the venue closed its doors in 2009 to give way to a new “super club” Jet Night Club.

DJ Rudy played various time slots from opening until closing and played House, Hip-Hop and R&B.

Partyhouse remains one of the most iconic clubs from mid 2000s until 2009.

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01 January 2006